Gaia méditation

Du 27 au 28 Mai 2023

The “Lights of Gaia” is you… It is all of us…

Come and live a moment out of time where you will be transported to the depths of yourself, to meet the Divine within you.

A great two-day gathering immersed in the heart of vibratory experiences in connection with the invisible and subtle worlds.

Hundreds of souls gathered, vibrating to the sound of divine Love and creating a powerful egregore!

Are you ready for this extraordinary journey?


Meditation, regressive hypnosis, immersive journey, mantra chanting, sound bath, breathing, healing circle, astral travel initiation, energy activation, ecstatic dance, laughter yoga… and other surprises!

All this guided by your favorite guides:

  • Gaia Meditation, with the Clément brothers: Stéphane, Romain, Sylvain, Vincent & Olivier Clément
  • Stéphanie Dordain: author and creator of original hypnotic and meditative immersion journeys
  • Jenna Blossoms : spiritual teacher and author
  • Jean-Marie Muller : medium, author and speaker
  • Ivan Skybyk : healer and founder of the eponymous Youtube channel
  • Leonardo Pelagotti, breathing coach and author, & Elise Pieters, teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa and Warrior Yoga
  • Mitia Klein, sound therapist and founder of Espace Anahata, & Thibault Cortade, sound therapist

In the magnificent hall of the Palais des Congrès de Versailles, a few steps from the Château, we will create a powerful egregore of Love with all the pillars of light present! One more step for the emergence of the New Earth!

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Looking forward to meeting you!


The brothers